GodJi.In is also known for their best customer support. We do serve 24x7x365. Team at GodJi.in is willing to help you for any kind of issues. We would love to hear from you. Each query will be answered as earliest as possible. For suggestions and opportunities get in touch.

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    Some common queries and their solutions are here. If these can solve your issue that is great. If not, we are here.

    How to book a PUJA?

    Contact us for booking. We will ask you some question to find best profitable time ( MAHURAT ) as per your details. To get most benefits of PUJA for you.

    How to become a verified Pundit ji at GodJi.in ?

    If you want to become a verified Pundit Ji. Contact us vis Register as Pundit Ji page. We do need your documents to verifications. Once you got verified, you can start working with us.

    Where are you located ?

    We are an India Based organization and our headquarter is in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

    How can you complete a e-puja for me ?

    It's simple & effective as normal puja. We will do puja for you at our place. You can watch live puja as well as a recording will be sent to you, you can download it.

    Is E-PUJA effective ?

    Yes, E-PUJA is effective as traditional puja. It's process is same as traditional puja with just one difference of your physical location.

    We are here to help. Feel free to contact us for any questions and doubts.

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