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Start your yoga journey today: our program of events


Daily Pooja

A brahmin pujari will be available to perform sacred puja rituals at your home or business.

Gryh Puja

Induce blessings and positivity at your home or land and eliminate negativity with Gryh Puja.


If you are busy, our pujaris will perform donation activities on your behalf and name to Goshalas and more

Spa treatment

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Featured Pujas

Explore the most popular and frequently booked Pujas on Vaikunth

Live Online Pooja

Let the planets and stars provide abundance, wealth, and positivity to your life when our trained pandits perform pooja for you from a remote location.

Daily Corporate Puja

Worship performed by Brahmin pandits and pujaris daily at your business location will increase the profits and rate of success in these times of competition.

Pooja for Doshas

Suffering from diseases, Kal Sarp Dosha, or any other Star conditions? Book an experienced Pujari from Godji without delay!

Divine Connection

Experience the power of pooja at your home

Elevate your home's spiritual ambiance with personalized Puja services, ensuring peace and prosperity for your family.

Sacred Rituals

Bringing ancient traditions and divine blessings for spiritual enrichment and tranquility


India- Shivraj Plaza,
Nagar Nigam Road,
Sanganer, Jaipur

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