With the grace of GOD we are serving to people since last 40 years and its not going to end ever. Our 4th generation serving people for PUJA.

dadaji pundit shree-ramnarayan sharma

Pundit Shree Ramnarayan Sharma has started doing worship for people as service during his early days of retirement as a Teacher and gained a lot of popularity in the same. He teaches the same to his children and even to grand children’s. Unfortunately he is no more with us but his motive to help people worship is with us. For the same we have created GodJi.in.

Our Goal

On 14th January 2021 ved-acharya Mr. Jitendra Sharma with his wife Mrs. Lekha Sharma founded GodJi.in. The goal behind GodJi.In is very simple, Its a platform where people can book PUJA online and get the benefits of worship.

GodJi.In is an online platform for people are busy and not have time for worship but want to do worship to gain profit in business, to gain success, to gain the peace of mind, and a lot more.

We do offer all kind of PUJA’s both online (at our place via video call) or offline  (at your desired place) as per your choice. Make sure to get in touch to know more.

Who  Can Book A PUJA?


Anyone who has a desire of worship and looking for pundit ji can book a puja online with us. The process is very easy. Anyone can get in touch with us using our Contact Us page. If a quick response needed make sure to get in touch via chat options.

Doing the right thing,at the right time.









GodJi.in is providing all kind of PUJA’s both ONLINE PUJA (e-puja) as well as OFFLINE PUJA (puja at your desired place)